Monday, August 16, 2010

4 years on the 4th! A month later....

As of August 4th, my husband and I have been married 4 years! How did we celebrate you ask? We went to Disneyland! For the second year in a row Disneyland has been the spot for our anniversary getaway! I'm not complaining! I'm still a kid at heart and I love it there! Although JD and I agreed that if you go too often you might lose a little of the magic! I hope that never happens! I realized a bit too late that we had no pictures with both of us. Oops. I swear we like eachother! We tried to get in as many pictures with characters as possible without really being with them....
JD only wanted to take a picture with Pluto...

...And I tried to get one with Aladdin in the background and ended up with some person's backside!

I have to say, this was the strangest picture of the bunch, not so much because I'm wearing a racoon hat,but because it smelled like a racoon and I still put it on my head.

4 years and I still love you Hubby! We'll see about next year!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forever and a Day

It's been forever and a day, I know. Almost a year? I don't even know where to start. Little E has had her first experience with the Circus and LOVED it! I'm thinking her favorite part was the cotton candy!

She had her first big accident with a tooth through her lip.

She has had fun in the sun-and fun with my make-up.

And overall just some cute moments!

JD got a new j-o-b with Wells, and we are all really excited about it!
I chopped off my looooooooooong hair (loooooooong story).
That is a brief overview of what we have been up to!
Also, I think I am going to go private????? Send me your email address so I can make sure to add you if/when I go through with it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pampered Chef Website!

Hey! I finally set up my Pampered Chef website! Yay! If you so desire you can go to . You can order from there or contact me if you are interested in having a show or anything your heart desires! Just wanted to let you guys know!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Disneyland, I love you!

Oh yeah, and my husband too! 3 years! This year for our Anniversary JD and I took a trip to DISNEYLAND! Just the two of us. Emma stayed with her grandma and we drove out to California! I can't even tell you home much fun it was! We stayed just down the street, and I am almost ashamed to admit I didn't sleep well the night before we went to the park. I honestly don't know if it was because of Disneyland or just the first night in a different bed. We spent a whole day going all over the park! We were so beat by the time the day was over, but I would not let us go to our hotel because I was afraid we wouldn't make it back to the park. I can't wait to go back!

This is the best picture of JD and I, we are just about to ride our first ride- Matterhorn Mtn!

Waiting in line to sit down in the ac...oh yeah, and see Honey I Shrunk the Audience

Waiting in the never ending line for Space Mtn, my new favorite ride!

Just a little posing.

This was on the Buz Lightyear ride. Like an interactive video game. More enjoyable than I first expected.

He just needed some ice cream!

I was so sad to go. And I don't know if you can tell, but so blasted tired too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family Reunions

We had the chance in May to get together will all sorts of family for a reunion. It was so much fun! Mom and Dad brought along their new toy and generously shared it with us all so we could explore everything around the house we were staying in in Parks.
The first half of our vacation was in Parks, AZ so we could be close to the Grand Canyon and visit.
For the second half, it was just my parent's children and we went to Sedona, AZ for a relaxing time. We enjoyed the view, went to Out of Africa, and each took a turn showing our cooking skills! Thanks Mom and Dad for all the work you put in to making this family reunion a fun and relaxing one!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I am proud of...

I have been working on my cooking skills lately, and I have to admit, I have made some yummy stuff. It may not look the beautiful in the picture (and JD thinks I am a nut for taking pictures of food)but this stuff really was tasty!

I got the idea for broccoli cheese soup from eating at Jason's Deli one too many times.

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin..Mmmm

JD and I have also been working hard at our are some of the fruits of our labor...

My herb garden! Yay! The cilantro, parsley, and a little bit of sage came up (I have way too much if anyone wants some) but I am going to have to re-plant the basil and oregano.

Yes, we grew carrots! This is just a preview of what they will be. I have had to pick a few to thin the crop and make room for them to grow really big, and this is what I picked! How fun is this?!?

This is what our garden looked like a week or two ago. Things are much taller now. Emma is sitting by the tomatoes and strawberries helping herself to the strawberry patch. The carrots in the front are a lot taller, and our lettuce just keeps coming back!

STRAWBERRIES! My favorite! I go out and pick a handful of strawberries almost everyday!


My baby girl sitting in a bucket!

Monday, April 13, 2009


We went down to Thatcher for the Easter weekend and had so much fun! My oldest brother, his wife and two kids also made it down for the family fun. We spent the weekend relaxing, feeding ducks, playing games (and wii), going to church, having an easter egg hunt, and eating some yummy food. Thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us stay with you and taking care of all of us. We took a few family photos on Sunday, but the rest I will have to get from my mom.

Family Photo=Bleh

We had to feed Emma and her cousin Benjamin chocolate to try and get them to pose...didn't work to well

Here is Emma practicing for the easter egg hunt